Friday, August 10, 2012

Sayur Asem Jakarta

Asem vegetable Jakarta, has a fresh taste and odor. With the sour taste of fresh vegetables to make a typical Jakarta Asem.

Long Nuts 10 pcs.
Young Corn 3 pcs.
Melinjo leaves to taste.
Eggplant 1 pc
100 g Peanut.
Sweet Corn 2 pcs.
Water 11/2 lt.
1 large red pepper sliced ​​oblique bh.
1 pcs green chili slices oblique
2 bay leaves lbr.
Galangal 1 vertebra
Young sour taste.
Brown sugar 1/2 pieces.
Subtle spice:
Shallots 6 pcs.
2 pcs Big Red Chili.
Pecan 5 pcs.
1 teaspoon shrimp paste.
Salt to taste.
How to cook:
Clean the vegetables cut into pieces.
Boil the water. Enter the spices and bay leaves, galangal, tamarind, palm sugar, until boiling again.
Enter the hard vegetables such as sweet corn, peanuts. Cook until half cooked, then enter the other vegetables eggplant, baby corn, green beans, leaves melinjo.
Cook until all cooked, remove from heat.

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